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We might rank among Fort Lauderdale's favorite restaurants, but even icons have their hidden gems. Locals love more than our stellar food and drink: Let our staff clue you into upcoming events, and discover a different side of Shooters.

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Feast Like a Floridan at Shooters Waterfront

September 09, 2021

So what exactly is Floridian cuisine? While it can be difficult to summarize exactly what Floridian cuisine is, it’s much easier to show you. It’s basically food that turns into sunshine and ocean waves right on your plate. It’s daring to turn your breakfast omelet inside out with lump crab and shrimp. It’s the freshest Mahi Mahi sandwich or taco you can get without needing to catch the delicious fish yourself. It’s swordfish, lobster, and scallops seared or broiled to perfection (or maybe tossed in a risotto with seared asparagus). At this point, let your growling stomach and watering mouth lead the way to our tables and see for yourself how true Floridians eat.