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Take Some of Our Shooters Spirit Home

April 06, 2020

Do you miss us as much as we miss you? With our curbside/dockside pick-up temporarily suspended, you can try making one of our house favorite cocktails from the comfort of your own home. We recommend our straightforward yet refreshing Tito’s Lemonade.

Simply combine one and a half ounces of vodka—we use Tito’s Handmade Vodka—with four ounces of lemonade in a glass with ice. Here at Shooters, we serve this tasty concoction with a sugared rim and garnish it with a lemon slice. Feel free to experiment with your own special twists by adding extra goodies like raspberries or fresh mint.

These may be uncertain times, but we still owe it to ourselves to experience the refreshing things in life, so until you can dock, drink, and dine with us again, we hope you’ll enjoy having the laid-back spirit of Shooters at home.