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We might rank among Fort Lauderdale's favorite restaurants, but even icons have their hidden gems. Locals love more than our stellar food and drink: Let our staff clue you into upcoming events, and discover a different side of Shooters.

Chef preparing sushi

Winding up a Savory Summer

July 29, 2022

Paella, the indisputable queen of Spanish dining, is rooted in the Albufera Lagoon region in Spain, where fishing and rice farming dominated for centuries. Local farm workers cooked dishes of rice over wood fires, embellished with whatever ingredients were on hand.
A word to the wise: Come early!

Since we’re big believers in lifelong learning here at Shooters, we thought we’d roll out a class or two. Experience the art of creating your own sushi roll during our next Sushi 101 class on August 18.
In this hands-on class, you’ll learn to make two different sushi rolls and plate them into a masterpiece sure to impress guests at your next soirée. Fresh ingredients, sake pairing, and dinner with a view are part of the package. Register here: That’s How We Roll- Sushi 101